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Enterprise Content Platform

Wrapsody is an enterprise grade platform that manages and integrates all your documents no matter where they are. Wrapsody is a performance enhancement solution that helps you to share documents efficiently, save resources eliminating redundancies and focus on your job. Wrapsody is a document security solution by design that prevents document breaches from the origin without compromising usability.

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No Redundant Document Sharing

Share only once. Have the latest version anytime and anywhere.

Protect Digital Assets at all Times

Apply file-level access control and audit trail. Minimize risks of data breach.

Innovative Collaboration

Sync the latest changes on their local document. Share comments and opinions with colleagues that are bound to documents.

Auto Backup With Every Version

Backup automatically without duplication and restore them instantly. Minimize risks from ransomware.

Visualize Document Usage in Real Time

Collect document usage log and provide analytics on their patterns. Analyze who used the document most and determine which templates are reused.

Extend Wrapsody Enterprise-Wide

Integrate with 3rd party systems through APIs. Easily switch from desktop to mobile.

Wrapsody provides APIs to interconnect all documents that reside in the silos of document management systems.

Wrapsody collects the real usage log of documents no matter where they are.