Secure Collaboration Platform

Secure external sharing and collaboration

Use a single platform to securely share files, chat, and video conference with collaborators.
No more fragmentation or information silo issues caused by using several different applications to collaborate.
Wrapsody eCo has features enhancing productivity in addition to market-proven collaboration and security features.

Why Wrapsody eCo?

Simple and Convenient

Easily collaborate both
internally and externally on a single platform with all the necessary tools.

Practical and Robust
Security Options

Freely adjust the level of security depending on the situation.

Quick and Easy Grasp of
Collaboration History & Progress

Have no fear of missing out with all the collaboration history and progress recorded as detailed logs.

Key Features

The key security features that maximize secure collaboration and protection of shared files

Granular Rights Control, Document Watermarking,
User Access Control, Auto Back-Up of Files

The all-in-one collaboration features preventing fragmentation and information silo issues

Workgroup Creation, Internal/External File Sharing,
Workgroup Chat, Workgroup Video Conference

The key productivity features to boost work efficiency and convenience for overall user experience

Preview Any File Format, Share Files through URL Links,
Sync to Latest Version upon Opening Files, View Detailed Log Data

Use Cases

Global IT
Company S

Top Steel
Manufacturer H

Before Wrapsody eCo

  • Files were shared insecurely especially with external collaborators
  • There were fragmentation issues with different versions of files scattered between collaborators
  • Granular permissions for shared files could not be controlled
  • The only way to share drawing files externally was by removing encryption

After Switching to Wrapsody eCo

  • Safe collaboration and secure sharing of files, especially the sensitive drawing files
  • No more fragmentation issues with file revisions
  • Granular permissions such as period of use and limiting number of downloads can be set for each collaborator
  • Internal file sharing is much easier with workgroup workspace
  • Able to manage both internal and external collaborators on a single platform

Before Wrapsody eCo

  • Important CAD files were shared unprotected
  • No approval process when sharing files
  • Files shared externally could not be controlled at all

After Switching to Wrapsody eCo

  • Files are shared more securely with full control on opening, editing, and printing CAD files
  • Able to block unauthorized sharing of files
  • Easily check the history of file sharing and usage
  • Enhanced work productivity and progress

Wrapsody eCo is also available on the Cloud

How It Works

Common Use Flow

Below diagram illustrates sharing and collaborating on a file with an external collaborator

File is updated and synced upon opening the file locally or from the server site


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