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Can you prevent remote workers or suppliers from printing sensitive documents?

Working from home is no longer the exception, and organizations must extend office security policy and strategy to support remote working environments. Data breaches through printouts have been a challenge for many organizations, but most of them are still unaware of print-related security risks, are poorly managing policies and devices, and lack a print security strategy or investment.


What are the risks of print-related data breaches?

Printing sensitive data and inadvertently or intentionally sharing it with unauthorized people could subject your business to regulatory fines, lost business, and litigation. If an employee printed personally identifiable information (PII) and forgot to pick it up at the printer, anyone could come by and grab it. A malicious employee could print product designs, roadmaps, recipes, or other information critical to your business and sell it to competitors.

In today’s environment with most businesses supporting remote workforces, these scenarios are exacerbated.

Continuous data breaches through printouts

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