Connect and Collaborate
around Content

Eliminate wasted time searching for documents
by virtualizing your content and always having access
to the latest data immediately

Revolutionize your content management with Wrapsody

Guarantee users always have the latest document

Your daily work routine probably includes email, file sharing, chat, video conferencing,
and other tools to collaborate, but you still can’t find the latest document.
Working on a project is a lot easier if everyone can easily communicate and collaborate on the same content,
regardless of where it is or how they work. An ideal solution virtualizes content and seamlessly integrates all essential
applications into one allowing you to automatically access the latest content as soon as you open a document.

Provide encryption and access control to specific users

You need to ensure only authorized users can access sensitive documents.
When you want to share a document, you select the recipients and the level of access to give them.
By encrypting the documents automatically, you control their access regardless of location.
You can set a minimal security level when sharing files with trusted clients in urgent situations,
and a maximum security level to protect against insider or outsider threats to sensitive data.

Analytics to understand everything happening with your documents

It can be challenging to keep track of all the documents for a project, especially when multiple people are involved.
As users view, edit and share documents, a full history of who worked on them and when is available.
A complete timeline gives all project members a full understanding of document actions,
including comments and alerts, and allows anyone to see a previous version with the click of a button.

Content Virtualization:
Going from Information Chaos
to Productivity Introduction

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Wrapsody and Wrapsody eCo

Gartner projects that “through 2025, more than 99% of cloud breaches will have a root cause of
preventable misconfigurations or mistakes by end-users.” EDRM-centralized policies and location-agnostic safeguards travel
with sensitive files, so you always have consistent configuration control.

Virtual Content Platform, an innovative approach to content management
By providing a secure central collaboration environment, Wrapsody eliminates redundancy and enhances productivity, regardless of document location. Through content virtualization technology, easily access the most up-to-date content anytime, anywhere, minimizing ROT data. Wrapsody keeps the usage history for each document and manage the detailed logs as a corporate asset.
Powerful All-in-One Collaboration Platform with Top-Notch Security Measures
Use a single platform to securely share files, chat, and video conference with collaborators. No more fragmentation of information silos caused by using several different applications to collaborate. Wrapsody eCo has features enhancing productivity in addition to market-proven collaboration and security features. Grasp all collaboration histories at a glance using the Timeline feature. Able to grant different access permissions by individuals and revoke permissions from external users.


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