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Source Code Security: Needed, but How?

CISOs and CIOs acknowledge the significance of source code security, but achieving robust protection is challenging. Conventional access control, perimeter-based security solutions and network isolation approaches may be effective againstexternal cyber-attacks but fall short in preventing code leaks and addressing malicious insider threats.

The complexity of development environments, with a diverse range of source code platforms and applications, compounds the challenge of building comprehensive source code security.

Complete Your Source Code Security with Fasoo EDRM

It is crucial to adopt a data-centric security model that prioritizes the protection of the source code itself: to effectively address security risks.

By implementing this model, you can protect your source code persistently from external cyberattacks
and insider threats during its whole lifecycle.

Key Features of Fasoo EDRM for Source Code Security

Automatic and Persistent Encryption

Automatically encrypts all source code, regardless of the development language or work environment, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Granular Access Control

Grants different access privileges to individuals or groups, enabling organizations to implement granular control.

Comprehensive Audit Trail​

Provides detailed usage information for encrypted source code, allowing you to track, manage, and identify any unauthorized access or usage throughout its lifecycle.

SCM Integration

Integrates seamlessly with configuration management solutions, striking a balance between security and productivity.

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