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What is a Zero Trust Data Security Platform?

A Zero Trust Data Security (ZTDS) platform consolidates data-centric processes and integrates advanced safeguards to achieve Zero Trust standards for data security. It controls and protects sensitive data everywhere always.

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Zero Trust Challenges in the Hybrid Workplace

Zero Trust won’t work if you lose sight of sensitive files and their use – but that’s what happens today in the hybrid workplace.
Continuous monitoring is vital to detect anomalous events and decide if, and how much access a user merits.

Why Zero Trust Needs a Data Security Platform

A Platform better implements Zero Trust using a centralized policy engine that spans all core data-centric processes.
It tears down today’s siloed boundaries to eliminate misconfiguration risk and enhance data visibility, tracking and monitoring.

Data-Centric Process



Fasoo Data Radar
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Fasoo Data Radar
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Adaptive Access

Adaptive Access

Fasoo Enterprise DRM
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Monitor and Control

Monitor and Control

Fasoo Integrated Log Manager
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Higher Standard for Data Security

Traditional technologies can’t achieve Zero Trust higher standards. Security must be pushed closest to what’s being protected, the file itself,
so controls and protection can be granular and travel with the sensitive data.

Explicit Access

Sensitive data is automatically discovered and encrypted when created or modified

Least Privilege Access

Granular rights management controls data in use privileges

Continuous Monitoring

Controls travel with the file, so visibility is persistent everywhere

Zero Trust Journey

Zero Trust is a journey, and most organizations already have features of Zero Trust in their enterprise infrastructure.
That’s why Fasoo’s Platform enables a full range of Zero Trust products for the hybrid workplace to help you at any stage of your journey.

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Fasoo Enterprise DRM for External
Fasoo SM
Fasoo DR
Fasoo DRM Node
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Zero Trust Data Security (ZTDS) Platform

Fasoo’s Zero Trust Data Security Platform

For over 20 years Fasoo’s developed and consolidated data-centric capabilities as we continually work
to meet our customers growing demands for lifecycle management of sensitive data.
This foundation now integrates the most advanced Zero Trust features to deliver stronger security with less complexity.

Zero Trust
Data Security

Data Security


What is it?

What is a
Zero Trust Data Security Platform?

A zero trust data security platform is a comprehensive solution that takes a strict, identity-based approach to data protection. It assumes that every user and device, whether inside or outside the organization's network, is potentially compromised and cannot be trusted by default. A zero trust data security platform implements a range of security controls and techniques, such as access controls, encryption, authentication, and continuous monitoring, to protect data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. It also uses behavioral analytics and machine learning to detect anomalous behavior and potential security threats. The key principle of a zero trust data security platform is to verify and authenticate every user, device, and application that tries to access the organization's data, regardless of its location or context. This helps prevent lateral movement by attackers and limits the potential damage in case of a breach or compromise. Implementing a zero trust data security platform can help organizations reduce the risk of data breaches, improve compliance with data privacy regulations, and enhance their overall security posture. It also enables organizations to maintain a more flexible and scalable security infrastructure, as it can adapt to new threats and changing business requirements.

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