External Sharing & Collaboration

Organizations collaborate with customers, partners, and vendors to keep pace in today’s competitive marketplace. This often requires sharing sensitive information that may be subject to privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, or NYDFS. Today’s solutions dictate that collaboration takes place within the confines of a single vendor’s portal for protection. This hinders productivity and too often drives users to download and work outside the environment, which causes loss of control and traceability of the document.

Wrapsody eCo is an intuitive and open collaboration solution that lets you securely share, track, control, and remotely expire sensitive content. Content is always protected and under your control, internally and at third parties, with traceability and audit accountability meeting today’s most stringent privacy regulations.

Using our unique “Pac-n-Tag” technology, Wrapsody eCo controls and protects your files wherever you access or store sensitive data.

Share & Protect

Collaborate & Control

Audit & Comply

Wrapsody eCo is unique. We don’t restrict you to working in a specific secure location. You can work the way you like, anywhere, with no disruption to your existing workflow. Files are always protected and in compliance to meet privacy and other data security regulations.
It unifies our content collaboration tools with the smart “Pac-n-Tag” technology. We encrypt files and restrict access (Pac) to individuals you choose. A unique identifier (Tag) is embedded with the file so it’s never out of your control and provides deep traceability for regulatory audit requirements. Access through a browser or locally simplifies collaboration. It’s all transparent with no disruption to user workflows.


Secure Collaboration

Share secure documents internally and externally whether viewed in a browser, downloaded or edited locally. Pac protects the data itself and travels with the file to endpoints, clouds, and other repositories rather than restricting protection to a location.

Workgroup Access

Invite users to a workgroup that restricts access at the file level so you no longer need to manage encryption and access in a location. You can revoke access at anytime and restrict edit, print, and screen capture as needed.



Audit Trail

Tag travels with the file providing deeper traceability for regulatory compliance than restricted portals or secure location-based approaches. All file derivatives, including copies with different names and formats, inherit the security and traceability of the original file.

Virtual Content

Tag lets users securely share files and always have the latest version anywhere, anytime, even if users make copies or change file names.



Various Security Options

Wrapsody eCo provides various security options in a single solution, including open sharing, encryption, trusted viewing, content virtualization, and enterprise digital rights management.

Wrapsody eCo simplifies secure collaboration by letting you easily share files while always maintaining control and auditability regardless of how users work.

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