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Due to recent breaches of intellectual property rights by external partners, the importance of security for CAD files shared with subcontractors is increasing rapidly.

Manufacturing companies and others that use design files face growing pressure to better shield their intellectual property
from prying eyes. Many of the critical assets created in these industries are in CAD files. Protecting files and supporting various
CAD programs is difficult since many engineers and designers use different applications, even within the same company. Organizations
might only apply encryption on a limited basis, even if they want to apply comprehensive security.

Fasoo recently developed an innovative technology to protect CAD files. Fasoo's CAD DRM can apply
comprehensive security regardless of the type and version of the CAD program. It provides the only global tracking
and management function for the entire distribution process of CAD files.

Key Features

Universal control that goes beyond conventional approaches

Unlike the kernel method, which causes overall system performance degradation, or the existing application hooking method, which requires additional development for each CAD program, Fasoo applies and maintains persistent encryption regardless of the type and version of the CAD program.

CAD file security to manage the entire life cycle

Even in complex work environments such as external collaboration and remote work, it is easy to track and identify who, when, where, and how CAD files were used. Maintenance and management are also simple, so administrators and users can maintain work efficiency.

Approval and Monitoring Process

If users need to share PDFs or other formats as plain documents, administrators or managers can approve exporting to these file types with efficient security management and exception policies. Export, sharing, and usage details can be monitored through logs for a complete audit trail of CAD file use.

Enhanced Security for CAD Files

If you need to share a CAD file, you can control who can view, edit, print and even take a screenshot of it. You can also designate how long the user has access to the file.

No performance degradation

Using a high-performance encryption module, users will see no significant difference in speed when reading plain CAD files and those with Fasoo security applied.

“Design files (CAD), which have been difficult to secure,
can be safely protected and shared both internally,
with your supply chain and customers.”

Use Cases

Secure sensitive design files from exiting employees

Protect CAD Files Throughout The Sales Process


An engineer at a manufacturing company is not happy with her job and starts looking for a position with competitors. She shows potential employers her product designs as an incentive to hire her. A competitor hires her, and she takes all her CAD files from existing products and ones yet to come on the market to the new employer. The new company starts manufacturing the products shortly after hiring her. Her old employer sees their products coming on the market before they release them and realizes that the former employee stole the designs.


Fasoo Enterprise DRM automatically encrypts and applies protection policies to CAD and other sensitive files when saved. When an authorized user exports a design file to another format, like a PDF, the derivative file is automatically encrypted and only accessible by authorized users. When the engineer copied the file to an external storage device, a cloud location, or sent it to herself through email, she and her new employer would not be able to access the file. This ensures the sensitive data remains inside the company. Fasoo protects the company’s designs and patent information by encrypting and applying persistent security policies to protect them regardless of where they are or their format.


  • Encrypt design files or documents with patent information
  • Securely share files internally with different departments or externally with suppliers
  • Control who can View, Edit, Print, and take a Screen Capture of CAD or other sensitive files
  • Apply an access time limit to the shared design files and even revoke access immediately, regardless of location
  • Protect intellectual property so it can’t be exploited by competitors


When steel manufacturers share files with external collaborators during the salesz process, important CAD files are distributed without adequate protection, leaving them vulnerable to unauthorized access and potential compromise. There is no approval process for sharing files, which creates an environment where important and sensitive documents are shared without proper authorization. Users have no control over externally shared files, leaving the company unable to manage or monitor access to these files. This poses a significant risk to the company’s security and bottom line if competitors use the drawings to make knock-off products.


After implementing Wrapsody eCo, companies can share files securely with their external collaborators. They feel more secure by controlling who can open, edit, and print their drawing files, which are key assets to the company. They like Wrapsody eCo’s safe collaboration environment, blocking unauthorized sharing of their drawing files and allowing users to easily check the history of file sharing and usage. The companies expect an increase in productivity since users don’t have to become security experts. Each time they share a drawing, automatic access controls ensures only authorized users can work on the CAD files. This creates safe and efficient workflows.


  • Share files safely with collaborators.
  • Save time by creating an efficient workflow for users
  • Protect the company’s competitive edge, ensuring no data leaks of intellectual property
  • Limit document access to specific users and groups
  • Control who can view, revise, and download CAD files

Fasoo Enterprise DRM

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