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Secure your data and meet compliance requirements with iManage and Fasoo


Security and compliance are core to how iManage protects customer data. Fasoo provides on-premises and cloud customers with additional security and compliance options through robust encryption when documents are beyond the iManage secure and governed platform. This data-centric security approach safeguards valuable intellectual property, protects regulated data, and significantly reduces insider risk.

Customers of iManage will now be able to comprehensively protect and manage client and matter information in accordance with corporate governance and regulatory requirements as they download and share documents. Since users must authenticate each time they access a document, Fasoo meets zero trust and data security posture management (DSPM) requirements.

Fasoo uses its industry-leading Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) to encrypt files and extend the access control list (ACL) from the repository to the documents as users download them from iManage Work. Users can only open documents when granted access within iManage, and the security travels with the document regardless of its location. The current iManage permissions will map to Fasoo permissions, dynamically granting or denying the user the right to View, Edit, Print, Copy-Paste, or take a Screen Capture of a document while using it.

Using a data-centric approach, Fasoo protects sensitive documents persistently on any device at any time throughout the entire document lifecycle. It protects, controls, and traces any document format, including typical office documents, graphics, images and multimedia. Fasoo helps organizations manage insider threats, prevent data breaches, and enforce the highest level of protection for unstructured data.

Extend the security perimeter beyond iManage

Key Features

Leverage Fasoo's leading encryption technology seamlessly integrated into iManage,
ensuring your documents are protected with the highest level of security.

Fasoo x Egnyte - Advanced Encryption

Advanced Encryption Capabilities

• Safeguard your sensitive data in the cloud or on-premise with Fasoo's leading encryption technology
• Assign access controls dynamically that define who can view, edit, copy, paste, print or share encrypted files
• Maintain encryption at all times whether files are at rest, in transit or in use
• Protect your intellectual property, regulated data, and other sensitive information with strong encryption

Fasoo x Egnyte - Effortless Integration

Effortless Integration

• Extend iManage security to files outside of iManage through a smooth integration process
• Encrypt files when downloading them from iManage
• Assign file permissions inside iManage or an Ethical Walls solution that maps to Fasoo permissions
• Streamline your workflow by seamlessly integrating encryption into your existing iManage environment

Fasoo x Egnyte - Compliance & Accountability

Compliance and Accountability

• Stay compliant and gain insights into your data usage with detailed audit trails
• Track every interaction with your encrypted files, providing transparency and accountability
• Build trust among your team and clients by collaborating securely on sensitive documents
• Access your encrypted files anytime, anywhere, knowing your data is always protected

iManage x Fasoo Integration

Download iManage and Fasoo One Page Integration Overview

Use Cases

Protect shared sensitive files

Protection in a Virtual Data Room (VDR)

Secure sensitive client data everywhere


Maintaining control of shared sensitive information so that leaks do not occur and cost the firm a lot of money is challenging as files can and do move anywhere.

  • Unauthorized users can access files and steal sensitive client information.
  • Multiple versions of the same file may be in numerous locations and cause an issue with accuracy.
  • No access and permission controls exist on downloaded files to limit who has access, what they can do, and for how long.


Fasoo encrypts and protects files as users download and share them with internal and external users.

  • Encrypt files to control them when downloaded and shared
  • Assign file permissions inside iManage to control who has access and what they can do (View, Edit, Print, Screen Capture) once downloaded.
  • Apply security policies automatically to file derivatives, so that any copy or format retains the security of the original file.
  • Ensure unauthorized users can’t access downloaded files unless explicitly granted permission inside iManage.


Protect intellectual property, regulated data and other sensitive information from accidentally or deliberately being shared with unauthorized people when outside iManage.


Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) alone cannot protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access, leakage, or theft. Once your files leave the VDR, you lose control over who can view, edit, print, or forward them. This exposes your company to risks, such as:

  • Data breaches by hackers, insiders, or third parties
  • Regulatory fines and reputational damage due to non-compliance
  • Loss of deal value and competitive advantage due to information leakage
  • Legal disputes and litigation due to data misuse or misappropriation


Fasoo applies granular permissions and controls to your files when downloaded from iManage and shared with anyone associated with a deal.

  • Encrypt your sensitive files with persistent protection that travels with them.
  • Define who has access, what they can do, where they can access it from, and for how long.
  • Track and audit all file activities in real-time.
  • Revoke or modify access and permissions to your sensitive files at any time.


  • Protect your documents from unauthorized access, leakage, or theft, even after they leave iManage.
  • Streamline your document management process by extending iManage security controls with a few clicks.
  • Enables secure and seamless collaboration among deal participants by allowing them to access and work on protected documents from any device, app, or cloud.
  • Provides real-time visibility and analytics on how your documents are being used so you can monitor user behavior, identify potential risks, and optimize deal performance.


Maintain the security and control of sensitive client files, even if they leave the firm.

  • Unauthorized users can access client files and steal sensitive data.
  • Multiple versions of the same file may exist in numerous locations and cause an issue with accuracy.
  • No access and permission controls exist on downloaded files to limit who can open and read the content.


Fasoo applies granular permissions and controls to client files when downloaded from iManage and shared so they are protected regardless of location or format.

  • Encrypt derivative files automatically when an authorized user saves a file to another format, like a PDF
  • Maintain security controls when copying files to an external storage device, a cloud location, or sent through email
  • Define access controls by selecting permissions inside iManage
  • Track and audit all file activities in real-time


  • Securely share files with attorneys, staff, and other departments, or externally with clients.
  • Protect client data so it can’t be seen by unauthorized users.
  • Control who can View, Edit, Print, and take a Screen Capture of sensitive files.
  • Revoke access to sensitive files immediately, regardless of location.

How It Works


the file to protect

Assign file permissions inside iManage that map to Fasoo permissions

Egnyte X Fasoo Integration Icons-01


downloaded files

Encrypt files as users download
them from iManage

Egnyte X Fasoo Integration Icons-02


protections on files

Maintain security of encrypted files at all times outside of iManage

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iManage x Fasoo

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