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Wrapsody eCo is an intuitive and open collaboration solution that lets you securely share, track, control and remotely expire sensitive content. Content is always protected and under your control, internally and at third parties, with traceability and audit accountability meeting today’s most stringent privacy regulations.

Companies collaborate with customers, partners and vendors to keep pace in today’s competitive marketplace. This often requires sharing sensitive information that may be subject to privacy regulations, like GDPR, CCPA or NYDFS.

Today’s solutions dictate that collaboration take place within the confines of a single vendor’s portal to protect and meet privacy regulations. This hinders productivity and too often drives users to download and work outside this restrictive environment. This leaves data exposed to theft or loss, outside your control, and breaks the traceability required by privacy regulations.
Wrapsody eCo is the best way to securely collaborate with traceability to meet today’s most stringent privacy regulations.

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