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[Press Release] Fasoo launches an upgraded version of Wrapsody eCo to fortify intellectual property protection and empower secure collaboration

November 30, 2022

Leading data-centric security vendor, Fasoo, integrated a core set of security and collaboration functions essential to all applications that touch enterprise unstructured data.

BETHESDA, MD, NOVEMBER 30, 2022 – Fasoo, a leader in data-centric security and content virtualization technologies, will introduce a cloud edition of the rejuvenated secure collaboration solution, Wrapsody eCo.

The upgraded version of Wrapsody eCo has consolidated essential collaboration capabilities like secure file-sharing, content management, enterprise messaging, and video conferencing into a single platform to simplify processes and optimally manage resources.

Wrapsody eCo enables organizations to securely share and track sensitive documents with internal or external users to protect intellectual property or privacy data and meet regulatory requirements like CCPA and GDPR.  Users can specify security and control for each file, from open sharing to encryption, or share with a group using pre-defined controls.  Granular rights, such as copy, paste, edit, and print, can be applied for advanced security of sensitive information.  Unlike VDR (Virtual Data Room) and conventional file sharing services, users can work across multiple enterprise collaboration tools while preserving consistent file security and visibility.  The solution helps lower third-party risk by maintaining access and control to shared data, including remotely expiring access at will.

The latest release also includes extended file support that not only supports Microsoft Office and PDF files, but adds various CAD drawings file formats and many more.

“Many organizations are looking for ways to improve their workplace and empower supply chain security, but face security and management challenges since it is almost impossible to set boundaries in a hybrid environment.  A data-centric platform strategy will help organizations tackle such issues,” said YG Kim, Executive Director of Fasoo.

Learn more about the latest release of Wrapsody eCo at www.wrapsodyeco.com.

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