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Stop remote workers and suppliers from taking photos or screenshots of your sensitive data

Existing security systems can’t stop users from taking pictures of your sensitive data and sharing it. Security measures to protect the content on screens are essential to prevent leaking PII, intellectual property and other sensitive data to competitors and unauthorized users.

Fasoo Smart Screen (FSS) blocks screen capture attempts, remote control programs, and applies visible watermarks to track usage when users need to access sensitive content on screens.

Key Features

Discourage taking photos with screen watermarks

Deter users from taking photos of sensitive information and sharing it with competitors or other unauthorized people with a screen watermark. User information applied through the screen watermark allows you to track data breaches to their source.

Block all the screen capture attempts

Block all screen capture activities such as the Print Screen key, snipping tools, remote control, or any other screen capture applications. Administrators can monitor all screen capture attempts, including an image of what was captured.

Add watermarks to specific applications and URLs

Target watermarks through specific policies for certain applications, like Microsoft Word or AutoDesk AutoCAD, or apply to a specific URL in a browser. This can discourage sharing sensitive information on internal websites and documents prior to it being released to the public.

Stop Data Breaches
Through Screens
Fasoo Smart Screen protects your intellectual property and privacy-regulated data from inadvertent disclosure through screens

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Use Cases

Block sensitive information on screens

Protect sensitive data in call centers

Protect pre-release information on internal websites


ERP, CRM, EMR and financial systems provide users with easy access to detailed personal and company information. This information is not properly protected against malicious screen capturing.

  • Unauthorized users can access sensitive web-based applications
  • Users can capture screen content with the PrtSc key and other capture tools
  • Anyone can send an image of sensitive data to an unauthorized user


FSS prevents screen capture attempts from specific applications and websites by blocking access to sensitive content with a secure image.

  • Allow specific users and groups to access applications while preventing the user from capturing sensitive data
  • Overwrite copied content with an image using warning signs on the clipboard
  • Forcibly minimize target applications when known capture tools are launched


Allows employees and contractors to work with sensitive data while minimizing the risk of a data breach by sharing images of sensitive data with unauthorized users.


Customer service centers use virtualized desktops to control access to highly confidential information. Workers could take a screen capture of PII or take a picture with their phone and share that information with unauthorized people outside the company. This is especially risky with outsourced vendors.

  • Clicking print screen key
  • Using screen capture tools
  • Taking photo of the screen


FSS discourages screen capture attempts by applying visible watermarks with user and company information to trace potential data leaks to the source.

  • A customizable, visible screen watermark appears in protected documents showing the user’s name, IP address, and timestamp
  • Administrators can see image logs of attempted screen captures
  • Visible watermarks can appear on specific applications and websites to deter leaking sensitive data


Minimize risk of data leaks by applying a visible watermark to trace sensitive data back to call center employees.


An internal website has pre-released information on new product designs. The company was concerned that employees may take pictures and use them for personal gain, send to competitors, or share on social media. This information is not properly protected against malicious screen capturing.

  • Captured information being shared outside of the company
  • Loss of competitive advantage
  • Anyone with a phone can take a picture and share it


FSS can block screen capture attempts of sensitive data on websites and can apply visible watermarks to trace potential data leaks to the source.

  • Dynamic watermarks appear in certain applications and specific URLs showing the user’s name, IP address, and timestamp to deter screen capture
  • Block the ability to use screen capture tools on specific URLs
  • Administrators can see image logs of attempted screen captures


Prevent data leaks by blocking screen capture attempts of product designs and other sensitive information on internal websites.

How It Works


the application
to protect

Applications that generate data
(ex: CAD/CAE designs),
Websites with confidential data
(Customer data),
Apply security to all the applications


to the targeted

Stand Alone (Install client),
API integration, Server


screen capture attempts
on the targeted application

Block screen capture or display screen watermark


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