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Your sensitive unstructured data found new places to travel and hide as work from home, multiple cloud and collaboration services took charge the past two years.  The risk of a data breach posed by insider threats, cloud misconfigurations, third-party sharing, and end-user mistakes continues at all-time highs as new workplace cultures take hold.

Data Security Platforms are leading the way to phase out siloed data security tools to simplify and eliminate organizational complexity.  Focusing on platforms that provide universal control of your sensitive data wherever it goes is critical to enabling security and privacy while maintaining workflow productivity.

Your data security platform should:

  • Encrypt files upon creation
  • Control the use of the data while the file is open
  • Monitor and validate use every time the file is opened
  • Inherit file controls to all copies and derivatives
  • Enforce centralized policies to simplify security
  • Provide a single audit log for all file actions


Learn how to empower a secure hybrid workplace and enable a zero-trust security policy with the Fasoo Data Security Platform that lets you discover, classify, protect, share, audit, and analyze sensitive files.

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