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Productivity in the workplace is paramount to the success of any business. Cloud, mobile, and digital workplace initiatives evolved to address this challenge.
Collaboration increases the difficulty in data security and management. The result is an overabundance of redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data with unknown or no business value, costly storage, and an expanded threat surface.

Wrapsody provides customers with an intuitive enterprise collaboration solution that encompasses today’s generation of data security and data management capabilities reducing ROT data and the overall threat surface.

  1. Share only once, and have the latest version anytime, anywhere.
  2. Apply file-level access control and audit trail.
  3. Backup automatically without duplication and restore them instantly.
  4. Integrate with 3rd party systems through APIs.
  5. Visualize document usage and gain actionable business insights.
  6. Minimize ROT data using AI and ML technologies.
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