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Security Company uses Wrapsody eCo to Safely Collaborate on Projects

A global software provider securely shares project documents with customers and partners during software and services delivery projects

Global company uses Wrapsody eCo to efficiently collaborate on multiple projects and ensure customer data is protected


This global security company provides unstructured data security, privacy, and enterprise content platforms and services that protect, control, trace, analyze and share critical business information securely while enhancing productivity.


As the Company begins new customer projects, it needs to securely share project documents with internal resources, customer teams, and partners. Since the Company runs multiple projects simultaneously, it needs to separate documents by the customer and only grant access to appropriate people in the project. It is critical that document access is restricted even when accessed locally on laptops and mobile devices since documents contain sensitive data on customer infrastructure, security needs, users, and business operations. The Company will lose credibility with its customers and may be subject to fines and lawsuits if project data is shared inadvertently with other customers or partners not involved in the project.

The Company wanted to allow project managers to easily invite users to collaborate on project documents. Users should be able to view documents online and edit them, if needed, but limit what users can do if they download them. One problem the Company always had on projects is ensuring everyone had the latest version of a document, although it is important to maintain older versions for audit control and to understand previous designs and implementation details. Since not all project team members need to view or edit all documents, the project manager wanted to limit actions for specific documents on the fly.


The Company implemented Wrapsody eCo to securely collaborate on multiple projects with internal resources, customers, and business partners. They can share their design documents, project plans, security details, and other files in a workgroup for each customer project and only allow access to specific users. Some users can edit files online but are restricted from downloading them. Others can edit downloaded files but can’t print them or take a screen capture using image capture tools since the information is very sensitive. If a project member tries to share a file with a user who is not on the project, the recipient can’t open the file.

As users open and edit files, revisions are automatically uploaded to the Wrapsody eCo workgroup regardless of where the user edits the file. The history of files being opened and edited are auto-saved, and granular rights such as period of use and limiting the number of downloads for each member can be set. The project manager can expire shared files or revoke permissions on the fly. Once the project completes, the project manager can expire access for all users so that even downloaded files are not accessible. She can archive project documents as needed and only share them with appropriate users.



The Fasoo solution allows the Company to easily run multiple projects and ensure profitability by minimizing timing and rework issues caused by accessing outdated documents.  This helps keep project team members productive since they always have the latest information.  It also protects customer data from getting into the wrong hands meeting security and privacy requirements.

As users update documents, all project members receive real-time notifications of changes, including a link to view the document.  Users that only need to view documents can view them online.  If users want to edit the document locally, the project manager can prevent printing and screen capture, if needed.  If a project member inadvertently sends a document to the wrong person,  the recipient can’t access the content inside.  The document is encrypted and only authorized users can access it.

A complete audit trail of document activities provides insight into file usage.  The Fasoo solution met requirements to protect sensitive project data and ensure it can’t be accidentally or deliberately shared with unauthorized people.  The Company can guarantee its customers that it protects any sensitive data from unauthorized use.

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