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Steel Manufacturer Saves Time and Money with Wrapsody

A leading manufacturer of forged metal products saves money by eliminating rework and ensuring they always build the right parts

Steel manufacturer saves time and money with Wrapsody


This global steel company manufactures forged metal parts and rolled rings for the wind energy, chemical, shipbuilding, and power plant industries.


The Company needed to manufacture products that met proper specifications. Sales, product planning, manufacturing, and quality assurance managers were all involved in the process to make sure parts were manufactured correctly. Specifications frequently changed after manufacturing began. Unless everyone received the latest specifications, the Company would manufacture the wrong product.

Each group wasted a lot of time and money locating the latest specifications and remanufacturing the correct part. The company considered using traditional content management solutions (ECM) and cloud-based file-sharing systems to provide all departments with the current specifications, but could never keep up with the changes because their local copies were outdated.


By implementing Wrapsody, each department saw the updates immediately in their local copy of the specification document when a specification changed. There was no need to share documents among the departments since the latest specification changes were always reflected in the shared document. As soon as a user opened the document, the latest version would download from the central repository. Managers could also see the latest specifications on their phones or tablets making it easier to access the information when on the manufacturing floor.

Since Wrapsody guarantees the latest document version wherever it is, each department saved and used local copies knowing they always had the latest specifications. If they saved the document on a server or sent it by email, they would still get the latest version as soon as they opened it. By having the history of how and when specifications changed, it was easy to review and confirm all updates.



Wrapsody provides users with an intuitive collaboration solution that ensures managers and other personnel always have the latest product specifications.  Users only have to share the file once and have the latest version anytime, anywhere.  The document owner chooses who can view or edit the file and can easily see who accessed it and when.  Viewers and editors receive real-time and email notifications of updates, so they know when changes were made.

This eliminates a lot of wasted time looking for files and reduces the risk of manufacturing the wrong products.  It also saves money since reworks are at a minimum and the company can better meet delivery times to their customers.

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