Data Security

File-centric, protect-first approach

Improve Productivity of Your Work Process

Quickly compile weekly sales results.





  • Update weekly sales results from multiple offices using one document
  • Eliminate wasted time sending reminders to update sales results
  • Always have the same information when anyone opens the sales results report
  • Allow upper management to access current sales results immediately
  • Save and manage all documents in a central system automatically, regardless of the location of the document or system used.
  • Through content virtualization technology, easily access the most up-to-date content anytime, anywhere, minimizing ROT data.
  • Keep the usage history for each document and manage the detailed logs as a corporate asset.
  • Manage Access Control Lists (ACL) differently by files and/or folders.


Learn more about how Fasoo ensures users have the latest documents on our Wrapsody page.

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