Yes, The Butler Did It

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This sounds like a line from an old English novel or movie, but refers to a major data breach at the Vatican.  The Pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, has been arrested by Vatican police on suspicion of stealing confidential documents from the Pope.  The scandal has rocked the very secretive world of the Vatican and brought to light numerous intrigues, infighting …

Stop Employees From Looting Information

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That almost sounds like the title to a bad movie, almost.  In reality it’s a real problem today, since most of the important information inside any business is digital information.  In the past, if you wanted to keep your secrets safe, you locked your filing cabinets or stored paper documents in a safe.  Today, information is all over the place …

You Are Not Doing Enough to Protect Your Data and Records

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Organizations significantly invest in protecting networks, but are they doing enough to protect their data and records? Literally almost every day there are announcements about significant data breaches, the most recent being the current WikiLeaks episode.  For years organizations have invested more and more in technology to protect their networks (both externally and internally) as well as for spam protection. …

Security and the OS

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I read an interesting article recently about India’s plans to build a new computer operating system.  Their main goal is to enhance the security of their computer systems – they want to deter and prevent hacking.  The Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) is developing the new operating.  India’s current dispute with Research In Motion for greater access to communications …

Insider Threats Increase as a Result of a Struggling Economy

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The headlines this week makes reference to a fairly minor theft of healthcare records at a Los Angeles Clinic. The incident involved a janitor selling 14 boxes of computer reports for $40. The theft exposed 30,000 patient records. Although minor, this incident highlights several major issues that we have covered in our blogs over the last several months. First, the …

Who’s stealing your corporate information now?

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Just when you thought you had the corporate crown jewels under lock and key it now appears that veteran CIA spies can moonlight and help your competitors determine what is going on inside your company!  I just finished reading a book titled “Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy” by Eamon Javers.  In his book Javers details how companies are employing CIA Agents …

How that Data Walked Out the Door

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Did you ever wonder if your customer lists and other confidential data is walking out the door when people leave the organization?  Here is something that I came across when working with a client. This organization uses multiple FTP and other file sharing sites to share documents internally and with partners and customers.  Some of these are sanctioned by the …

Digital Rights Management joins Data Loss Prevention

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