Stop Unauthorized Use of Confidential Data

Former Morgan Stanley Financial Adviser Guilty In Connection with Data Breach

Stop Unauthorized Use of Confidential DataA former employee of Morgan Stanley pleaded guilty to stealing confidential data from about 730,000 customer accounts. He copied names, addresses, account numbers, investment information and other data to his home computer so he could work on it.

While improperly accessing the information, he was interviewing for a new job with two Morgan Stanley competitors.


Your employees access sensitive and confidential customer information so they can do their jobs. Once the data leaves the protected confines of an information repository, file share or cloud-based service, your authorized users can share it with anyone, do anything with it and compromise your customer’s confidential information. You may be subject to fines, not to mention losing customers because they can’t trust you to maintain their confidentiality.

You need to persistently protect confidential data so that customer information is protected regardless of where it goes and who has it.

Fasoo Solution

Fasoo Enterprise DRM protects customer information by encrypting the files and applying persistent security policies to protect them regardless of where they are or their format. Once the data is protected, you can safely share sensitive files through email, USB drive, external portal or any file sharing site. File access is tracked in real time for precise auditing and you can revoke access instantly.

Fasoo Enterprise DRM not only ensures that you meet financial regulations and safeguards customer confidentiality, but truly protects and controls sensitive information while at rest, in motion and in use.


  • Encrypt customer information to meet consumer and data protection legislation
  • Securely share files internally or externally
  • Control who can View, Edit, Print and take a Screen Capture
  • Limit access time and number of devices
  • Revoke access to shared files immediately regardless of location
  • Trace and control user and file activities in real-time
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