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[Event] Fasoo Explains the Need for Enterprise DRM at Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2021

November 23, 2021

Fasoo, a leader in data-centric security, demonstrated its All-In-One, Only One solution at the 2021 Virtual Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit this week. The company showcased how it can help organizations maintain security and privacy in today’s remote and hybrid work world without compromising productivity. This includes enabling zero-trust architectures, protecting data everywhere, complying with privacy regulations, and the new Cybersecurity Executive Order 2021 .

Peter Firstbrook, a VP Analyst at Gartner, spoke in his session about how remote or hybrid work is the new normal for organizations around the world. A key consideration is how to maintain data privacy and security when working remotely. Fasoo’s All-In-One solution uses zero-trust principles to discover, classify and protect sensitive data by maintaining strict access controls when collaborating and sharing data with internal and external parties.

During Fasoo’s session, “Cybersecurity Executive Order 2021: Are You Prepared?”, the company discussed how Fasoo Enterprise DRM is critical to meet the data security and privacy requirements of both the US Federal Government and organizations that do business with it, including the supply chain. The same Fasoo technology applies to securing data in remote work environments for all organizations worldwide.

Fasoo Enterprise DRM works to protect, control and track sensitive documents at rest, in transit and in use persistently on any device at any time throughout the entire document lifecycle. By encrypting files and adding granular controls, you can limit editing, printing and sharing sensitive content with unauthorized users both inside and outside your organization. Because Fasoo EDRM requires users to be authenticated and authorized each time to access sensitive documents, it is a key component of zero-trust architectures.

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