Cybersecurity Executive Order 2021

Chaos in Cyberwar, Are you on the Right Track?

Do you know how much data you have?

Identify and Protect Your Data Before it's Too Late

Cybersecurity Executive Order 2021 The Countdown has Started!

  • Identify all unclassified data and reduce threat surface

  • Encrypt all sensitive data at rest, in-transit and even in-use

  • Empower supply chain security

Streamline and operationalize security initiatives using a data-centric security approach. Learn more about market-leading data classification and the most advanced data encryption solutions.

Only One, Fasoo!

Data Discovery

Identify unknown or unclassified data that
reside in your organization

Data Classification

Classify and tag data to protect and track
its usage at all times

Data Encryption

Encrypt sensitive data and control its access
rights anywhere, anytime

Identify and Protect your
Sensitive Data with Fasoo

Innovative ”Pac-n-Tag” technology automatically classifies, encrypts and embeds a unique identifier (Tag) into each file to eliminate a threat surface. Adding access control and traceability through a protection policy (Pac) allows organizations to fortify data security infrastructure and efficiently comply with privacy regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, NYDFS, PCI, etc. Centralized policy management simplifies discovery and classification. The solution can identify and control sensitive data as soon as they appear, without user intervention, ensuring that data is always protected and under control, regardless of its location.

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