In the Post-Snowden Era, What Value Do You Place on Your Privacy?

In the Post-Snowden Era, What Value Do You Place on your Privacy? With the upheaval caused by NSA Prism, lots of individuals, as well as companies, have given greater thought as to how private their information really is. After all, think of all the companies (Google, Yahoo, etc.) that were under the limelight for giving the NSA their users’ information willingly.

Also, think about all the data you have stored in your Gmail, Yahoo accounts, etc. Let’s take email for example. With email still being the #1 method of people sharing and collaborating with others, so many files get sent and shared and many times, they are sent and shared unprotected. If someone were to hack your account, your files could be in serious danger.

So what’s the solution?

Encrypting files as soon as they are stored on your computer is the best solution to protect your files against unauthorized access. Then, your files remain safe whether they are stored on your computer or sent to others. By encrypting your files with persistent
data security
, it also lets you control who can access the information inside it.

Take the extra step in protecting your files if you value your privacy.

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