Government Pushes Organizations to Implement Stronger Data Security

Government Pushes Organizations to Implement Stronger Data Security

From the FBI, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to the FCC all the way up to the White House is pushing for stronger data security measures amongst organizations that deal with sensitive customer information. Just last week, the FCC fined two telecommunication companies $10 million, for neglecting to protect over 300,000 customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). This is the FCC’s first data security case and its largest privacy violation action ever. The telecoms failed to encrypt to secure the online data which included Social Security numbers, addresses, names and driver’s license information, which meant that anyone could access it without entering a password.

It is no wonder that because of these lax security practices that identity theft has become the fastest growing crime in the U.S. In addition, Obama has signed an executive order in relation to make organization increase data security as well as push the charge for enforcement responsibilities for government. 

The need for data security has dramatically increased since big retail stores, financial organizations, health care industries and other organization continue to make headlines for major data breaches in leaking sensitive customer information reaching numbers from hundreds of thousands to several million. In addition, it’s not just the outside hackers that are causing these problems, but also insider threat of current or former employees that the FBI and DHS have warned about causing these massive data breaches.

Digital rights management or information rights management is a form of file encryption that could have… scratch that, that can prevent this data from being accessed by unauthorized users. Persistent data protection, dynamic permission control and intelligent monitoring, these are just a few key features that Fasoo Enterprise DRM provides for organizations to save them from these kinds of data breaches.

Do not face the hefty fines thrown down by the government, and be prepared with a reliable and robust solution that will prevent these kinds of data breaches (Target, JPMorgan, AT&T, etc.) from happening. The government has now put the responsibility to the organization to act in implementing data security solutions to protect sensitive customer PII and gain the trust of not only their current customers but future customers as well.


Photo Credit: Nicolas Raymond

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