Fasoo Shows Robust ECM Security at IBM Insight 2014

Fasoo exhibits at IBM Insight 2014This is the first year Fasoo participated in the IBM Insight conference in Las Vegas and by the reaction of customers, IBM employees and other vendors, we made a big splash.

The event had over 13,000 attendees from all over the world and focused on Big Data, Business Analytics, Information Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).  Cloud, mobile and security were big topics that transcend all of these categories as business has become mobile, fluid and unfortunately more dangerous.  This is in evidence everyday as the news is full of data breaches from all types of organizations.

Fasoo partners The Dayhuff Group and Necol joined us as we showed how to strengthen security for content as it leaves IBM ECM repositories and moves around the organization. A lot of companies today are terrified that a trusted insider may inadvertently download sensitive files onto a laptop or mobile device and lose them or leak them.  Adding Fasoo EDRM to IBM ECM lets an organization maintain control of the files regardless of their location.  That’s critical today as governments, cybercriminals and hackers try to steal valuable intellectual property from companies both large and small.

Dayhuff engaged attendees by honoring the Motorists Insurance Group’s charity, Ohio Cancer Research Associates, by donating $1.00 for every selfie taken in the booth.  Each person in a picture got a sticker saying “I took a #DayhuffSelfie4Charity at booth 837”.  Dayhuff will put all the pictures on its website so everyone can see how they helped this great charity.

Neocol launched its new SmarterCDS solution at Insight this year to help solve a major problem that every organization faces.  Combining Fasoo EDRM, IBM StoredIQ and some of its own technology, Neocol can help a company search for sensitive content in files share, document repositories, on a user PC and numerous other locations, and then lock it in place. This solves two problems.  Finding sensitive information and then encrypting it with a security policy immediately to ensure that only authorized users can access it.  The reality today is that organizations have so much unstructured content in so many locations, they don’t know where to start looking for the most critical information.

Dayhuff and Fasoo at IBM Insight 2014 Dayhuff had its annual Insight After Party at the minus5 Ice Bar inside the Mandalay Bay hotel.  If you have never been to this place, it is an experience.  The staff gives you a coat and gloves and confiscates your cameras and phones – no selfies allowed.  They lead you into a room that is made of ice where you can get drinks and see your breath.  Pretty wild!  The bartender serves drinks in glasses made of ice; that’s why you need the gloves.  It was a cool (pun intended) way to talk to customers, Dayhuff and IBM stuff and have a little fun.   Fortunately we could go into a warmer lounge and come back in later, so we didn’t freeze.

Customer interest was high during the Solution Expo and through numerous conversations at many of the informal parties, meals and other opportunities to interact.  I spoke with one gentleman who was worried that certain internal reports could be made public and really do brand and customer damage.  Another wanted to prevent machinists from taking machine tool instruction files with them when they switched companies.  I also talked to a lot of insurance and financial companies wanting to protect claims and client information that is very sensitive.  A lot of people were amazed that we can lock and control these files no matter where they are.

We want to thank everyone whom came to the booth and made it a successful event.  We look forward to it next year.


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