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Fasoo Hits Nerve with Message of Security, Governance and Productivity at RSA 2017After two days at the 2017 RSA Conference in San Francisco, it looks like Fasoo’s message of Security, Governance and Productivity is hitting a nerve with security professionals, analysts, executives and other attendees.  As the regulatory and business climate change to overcome constant threats to businesses and the data they use to drive profitability, companies are looking for a more comprehensive and practical approach to providing secure ways to conduct business.

An interesting theme at this year’s show is Business Driven Security.  I think the convergence of business and security is finally coming to a head as boards and executives realize they must think of security solutions as a business driver that helps mitigate business risk so they can propel their businesses forward.

One main focus this year is helping financial organizations comply with the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYS DFS) cybersecurity regulations.  Fasoo employees spoke to numerous banks and mortgage companies at the booth that are affected by this new regulation to encrypt nonpublic data and provide clear access control and audit trails.  The Fasoo Data Security Framework can help protect sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands and help meet this comprehensive regulation.

Other attendees were very interested in providing a more secure way of collaborating with documents.  It’s clear that organizations need to secure their data and protect against cyber attacks, but if employees and partners aren’t productive, business comes to a halt.  Productivity drives innovation and Wrapsody is a great way to let people share ideas securely as they drive their businesses.

Of course what would RSA be without some fun?  Our hourly presentations are very lively and attendees are entered into a drawing for an Amazon Echo.  We gave one away on Tuesday and will at the end of each day.  Aside from the prize, a lot of people were very interested in how Fasoo can really protect sensitive information from getting outside their companies and either cause them to go afoul of regulators or hurt their bottom line.  Encrypting and always controlling information is the best way to meet regukatory requirements and protect your intellectual property.

If you haven’t already, stop by booth S1239 on the show floor to see how we can help your business.

Fasoo Data Security and Intelligence Document Platform on Display at RSA Conference 2017Fasoo has a big presence at the RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco where we will showcase our newly expanded data security and management framework which helps companies track, manage and secure their data.

Focusing on the business themes of Security, Governance and Productivity, Fasoo is helping executives and boards of directors comply with enhanced cybersecurity regulations while ensuring they can meet the needs of constantly changing business models that demand secure collaboration to get things done.

Today’s business world demands a new look at how we define and protect the borders of our organizations because our data is created, stored and consumed in systems that may be outside the traditional information security and document management models.  Visitors to Fasoo’s booth #S1239 will see demonstrations of the Fasoo Data Security Framework and Wrapsody that together helps organizations consistently control, secure, track and manage documents no matter where they travel.  This new, integrated data-centric approach overcomes legacy solution limitations that comprehensively satisfies organizational demands placed on data security, governance and productivity.

Fasoo will also show its machine learning based static application security tool, SPARROW, that identifies and remediates security vulnerabilities in your software.  With a large focus on embedded systems, IoT (Internet of Things) and ever expanding mobile apps, ensuring that your applications are robust and secure is the best way to protect your users from data breaches, privacy and security concerns.

“It is imperative that organizations have data-centric content management and security traveling with their information,” said Fasoo’s CEO Kyugon Cho. “Our theme at this year’s show highlights the robust nature of our best-in-class software technologies that enable us to truly be “Data-centric Everything” – and address the full range of current and emerging enterprise data demands.”

In addition to the product demonstrations, Fasoo will be hosting presentations throughout the day addressing how companies can win big by targeting data use cases that are at the intersection of multiple organization needs.  Satisfying the competing interests of business productivity and data security and governance has always been a big challenge, since focusing on one can typically cause deficiencies in others.  The Fasoo approach helps satisfy all these needs without sacrificing anything.

Another bonus is that visitors to the Fasoo booth have an opportunity to win an Amazon Echo and some other great prizes.

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