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Fasoo Shows Wrapsody Productivity and Security Platform at Gartner Symposium 2017Fasoo demonstrated the latest version of the Wrapsody productivity and security platform at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017 from October 2 – 5, 2017 in Orlando, FL.  There was a lot of interest from CIOs, other executives and security professionals as many are struggling with how to secure sensitive information while also providing enhanced productivity for documents or unstructured data.

This year’s Symposium continued Gartner’s focus on helping organizations transform into digital businesses, which is far more than just automating processes.  It includes a holistic change of thinking, where data is the driver of growth and secure business processes are a given.  Since documents make up about 80% of the information that drives business processes, simplifying secure collaboration with documents while enhancing governance and compliance are key components of digital business.

On Tuesday October 3, 2017, John Herring, President & CEO and Ron Arden, Executive Vice President and COO of Fasoo, Inc., presented “Content Services and Security Platform for Digital TransformationJohn talked about using John Herring presents at Gartner Symposium 2017the power of the Wrapsody file-centric security and information management platform to simplify and enhance collaboration as businesses grow.  The key to Wrapsody is a unique, persistent file ID that follows a document and allows secure sharing, distribution and tracking, and version control at the data source across all locations.  It allows organizations to address issues from risk management to business performance.  Ron followed John with an example of how Wrapsody enabled a company to quickly and easily create its budget for next year.  Since all collaboration and interaction was around the budget spreadsheet, it allowed all stakeholders to update their sections easily without having to search for who did what when and where is the latest copy of the document.  Wrapsody also has great analytics that allows different constituencies in the organization to track and manage security, compliance, governance and productivity.

During the course of the Symposium, a lot of attendees and analysts came to the Fasoo booth to understand how to break through the problems of traditional file shares and document repositories.  While those systems are great for organizing information, they are challenging when users have to collaborate outside the system and move files from repository to desktop to email and to the cloud.  Tracking and managing documents regardless of location and ensuring that everyone has the current version is a constant battle that affects productivity, governance and security.  Wrapsody simplifies this by bringing the process down to the file level and automatically synchronizes files as users create and work with them.

A number of attendees were also interested in how Fasoo can provide more granular permission controls with the Wrapsody platform for those scenarios that demand greater security.  When a user creates a Wrapsody document, the user assigns View or Revision permissions to those people that need to access the document.  The document is encrypted and allows collaboration through the organization and beyond.  If a user wants to further control an authorized user’s ability to Print, take a screenshot, run a macro or extract data to an unprotected environment, those permissions can be granted.  One CIO commented that she liked that flexibility, since some documents are more sensitive than others and will require greater controls.

With companies trying to improve productivity and comply with numerous new regulations, such as GDPR in Europe, Wrapsody provides access control and an audit trail of wherever the document has traveled. Document owners, department heads and security administrators can see how each document has been used through a graphical dashboard.  Since documents are always protected and tracked, regardless of location, complying with new cybersecurity regulations is a lot easier.  One CIO from a government agency liked the analytics, since he said that understanding what information he has and who is using it is a major challenge to security and data governance.

Of course no Gartner Symposium would be complete without a visit to an Orlando theme park.  This year’s attendees got to enjoy an evening at Universal Studios with great food, rides and a lot of fun.  Having a drink at an Irish pub or going on a roller coaster are great ways to meet new people and be a kid again.  It was a nice balance with the seriousness of the main event.

Wrapsody Intelligent Digital Document Platform Eliminates the Problem of Locating and Security DocumentsFasoo announced the newest version of Wrapsody, our intelligent digital document platform, at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2016 in Orlando, FL.  It eliminates the problem of locating and securing documents by simplifying the collaboration process and ensuring you have the latest document at your fingertips.

Wrapsody is the only solution that combines file-centric collaboration and digital asset management without overlooking security.  The solution manages and secures the entire lifecycle of an organization’s content as it traces each piece of digital content wherever it goes.

File-centric management is a completely new approach to document management. Each Wrapsody document carries a unique document ID and version number. That identification mitigates the very real concern of working on the wrong version of a document while reviewing or sharing with others.  Since the ID is always with the document, wherever it goes, the document is intelligent.

Working on the wrong version of a document is not the only concern.  It is frustrating trying to search for specific files and can waste a lot of time.  Wrapsody locates documents quickly with several approaches including a dynamic tag view, where each document is tagged and can be seen in a tile-type user interface for tag based search.  Branch maps visually show all related documents connected with the original document. Wrapsody provides actual document usage in real time, and provides intelligent analytics about user performance related to documents.

Rather than relying on a separate system for managing all documents, Wrapsody provides APIs to interconnect all documents that reside in the silos of document management systems. All the metadata is bound to the content by linking content and metadata at all times rather than to a location.

Organizations are faced with the daunting task of locating and managing a wide array of documents, whether they are in emails, messages, file servers, document management systems or on user’s desktops or mobile devices.  Even if you use a content management system or an Enterprise File Sync & Share service, many of your most critical documents still remain unmanaged. Wrapsody features that address these issues include:

Instant Version Control, Backup and Restore at Rendering Applications – Wrapsody enables version control “on-the-spot” for individual files while using a rendering application, like Microsoft Word, instead of within repositories.  The solution automatically backs up each version without user intervention as a user checks-in the file from the rendering application.  This mitigates risks from potential ransomware attacks.

On-demand Sync and Share without Hot Folders – When users open a Wrapsody file on a desktop or mobile device, they are confident they have the latest version without having to worry about placing the file in a hot folder. Users are able to replace the file with the newer version or open an older one. When a Wrapsody document is created, or updated, all viewers and revisers receive an instant push message or email notification, including a download link to the relevant version.

Chat on Documents – Wrapsody lets users add comments when creating, revising or reviewing Wrapsody documents. With this feature, users can maintain chat sessions about individual documents, including a history of changes and why changes were made. This leaves the workflow decision process in the document history, making it easy to understand why and how changes were made.

Analytics on Document Usage – Wrapsody provides real-time user status including specific activity within a document. Users are able to review what new documents have been assigned, what has been read and what remains unread. This feature is critical for managers, providing easy to read visuals illustrating user activities within specific groups. In addition to use, the solution offers a graphical map showing the derivation of a document from other documents enabling an analysis of how, when and where templates are being used.

File-based Access Control and Audit Trail – Wrapsody offers access control and an audit trail of wherever the document has traveled. Document owners can define and assign permissions (revision, view only access or no access).  And with these permissions, Wrapsody graphically displays how each document has been used, according to the organizational and permissions chart. Wrapsody also provides an embedded option for Enterprise DRM to further enhance security.

Brite Computers has been using Wrapsody for sharing and managing documents. “Before we implemented Wrapsody we used email or copied files to a network share to collaborate on projects,” said Trevor Smith, Executive Vice President of Brite Computers. “Wrapsody simplified everything with every user being immediately notified of file changes and the latest versions automatically synced to everyone’s desktop and mobile devices.”

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