You Can Stop Healthcare Data Breaches
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Encrypt PHI and apply persistent security policies to stop healthcare data breachesToday, nobody argues that the healthcare industry is a gold mine for the bad guys and theft of protected health information is becoming a regular event. The “Verizon 2015 Protected Health Information Data Breach Report,” indicated that 90 percent of industries in the medical and health care arena have experienced a PHI breach and with all the reports in the media, it is clear to everyone that the situation has reached a critical point.

In 2015, we witnessed numerous health insurers and hospital systems fall victim to data breaches. While Anthem and Premera were just some of the bigger names making regular headlines last year, attacks were seen to reach even physicians’ offices.  Just recently Centene Corporation and IU Health Arnett lost hard drives that compromised almost 1,000,000 people.

Lock Your Healthcare Data, Stat
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Encrypt your data to stop healthcare data breachesWill the healthcare industry finally move towards the use of encryption in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to protect vulnerable patient and hospital data?  More and more preventable incidents keep occurring that put patient information at risk.

A 2015 data breach study estimated that breaches cost the healthcare industry about $5.6 billion annually.  As healthcare moves toward more connected care, the amount of data exchanged between organizations will only grow.  This is exacerbated by more consumers entering the market because of healthcare reform and the frequency with which patients need to exchange information among numerous providers. This area is a rich target for anyone intent on stealing protected health information (PHI) for financial gain. Data breaches are already happening. So what does this mean?