Data Security

File-centric, protect-first approach


Locate & Secure Your Intellectual Property Anywhere, Anytime

Intellectual property, the life-blood of business and the foundation of competitive advantage,
is more vulnerable today than ever before.

  • Secure Collaboration
    and Granular Rights

    Granular access control ensures
    that only authorized employees
    have access to sensitive data, and
    revoke access if an employee leaves.

  • Seamless Integration
    with PLM

    Secure any file, including CAD
    or any other file types.

  • Secure Productivity

    Security is maintained
    with a persistent ID
    attached to every file.


Manufacturing faces the highest risk of theft from employees and contractors,
but the challenges don’t stop there

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Trade secrets, proprietary designs, and manufacturing processes – once protected within the enterprise mainframe environment –
today are shared internally and externally among a transient workforce and external suppliers.
Sensitive data (patents pending, drawings, illustrations, designs, specifications, blueprints, prototypes, creatives, models, etc.)
in CAD and other files can be downloaded and leave your business – and you won’t know!

The nation’s largest manufacturing companies trust Fasoo to protect their intellectual property
from insider threats, contractors and other cyber threats.


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