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GP&C Secures Intellectual Property

General Plastics & Composites (GP&C) manufactures and machines composite materials for hostile environments.







The Fasoo security solution protects GP&C’s revenue by ensuring only authorized users can access sensitive files. It allows them to use this as a marketing tool, since they can guarantee that their customer’s intellectual property will not get into the hands of a competitor or other customers. It provides insight into file usage, including unauthorized access and ensures that if an unauthorized user got access to a file, they couldn’t access the information inside. The complete audit trail of all file activity provides a chain of custody of all sensitive information, simplifying data governance. Dynamic usage policies control View, Edit, Copy & Paste, Print and Screen Capture for authorized users. Time sensitive files can expire automatically to simplify version control. Department heads, administrators or executives can even revoke access to any file, if they suspect a data breach or an authorized user doing something they shouldn’t. The Fasoo solution met the president’s requirement to ensure that existing or former employees could not take intellectual property from the company or accidentally share sensitive information with unauthorized internal and external people. It helped GP&C’s bottom line by protecting and controlling access to all its intellectual property.

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