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[Success Story] Financial Services company keeps sensitive data secure by blocking screen capturing and sharing

January 3, 2024

Bank using Fasoo Smart Screen to protect their sensitive data.

A large banking institution in Latin America is looking to protect its sensitive data from screen capture programs and mobile device cameras.

The company’s customer service department and contact centers have constant access to documents with sensitive data, like Personal Identifiable Information (PII). They access them through remote desktops or terminal sessions. Their main challenge is protecting sensitive information from users who click the print screen key, run screen capture tools, or take pictures of the screen with mobile devices.
Access to the information in these documents should be controlled, and all possible ways of sharing, such as taking a screenshot or picture with a phone, should be blocked or limited.

Learn how Fasoo helped this company protect its sensitive information from screen captures and mobile devices with Fasoo Smart Screen.

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