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Financial Services company keeps sensitive data secure by blocking screen capturing and sharing.

A leading financial services company in Latin America protects its sensitive data from screen capture and mobile phone cameras.

Bank using Fasoo Smart Screen to protect their sensitive data.


A large banking institution in Latin America is looking to protect their sensitive data from screen capture programs and mobile device cameras.


The company’s customer service department and contact centers have constant access to documents with sensitive data, like Personal Identifiable Information (PII). They access them through remote desktops or terminal sessions. Their main challenge is protecting the sensitive information from users who click the print screen key, run screen capture tools, or take pictures of the screen with mobile devices.
Access to the information in these documents should be controlled and all possible ways of sharing, such as taking a screenshot, or picture with a phone, should be blocked or limited.


Fasoo Smart Screen (FSS) allows specific groups to access terminal or server-based computing (SBC) consoles while preventing the user from capturing sensitive data. When an authorized user accesses sensitive data, they cannot take a screenshot, and a visible watermark displays on the screen showing the user’s name, company information, IP address, time, and date. This prevents the user from taking a picture of the sensitive data with their phone or any computer image capture tool and sharing it with unauthorized people.

FSS applies a screen watermark with user information to sensitive files to discourage theft by taking a picture of a screen. Image capture tools are blocked when using them to grab a screenshot of the content in the sensitive files. If a user without Screen Capture permission shares a file using Microsoft Teams or another collaboration tool, the content is blocked to viewers with a secure image.



The Fasoo Screen Security solution meets many security requirements when protecting sensitive information like PII. By preventing data leaks by blocking screen capture attempts of sensitive information on screens, controlling who can take a Screen Capture of sensitive data, deterring sharing of sensitive data with unauthorized users, tracing sensitive data back to the source through dynamic watermarks, and minimizing the risk of a data breach by sharing images of sensitive data are just some of the many ways this company has protected their clients and employees sensitive information.

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