File-centric Collaboration + Digital Asset Management + Security = Intelligent Document Management
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WrapsodyWhen someone mentions “document management system” in a conversation, what comes to mind immediately is a system that tracks, manages, stores documents and reduces use of paper. You know; the systems that keep a record of the various versions created and modified by different users with history tracking. The ones that have overlapped with the concepts of content management systems (CMS) or enterprise content management (ECM). The ones that have become part of other systems like records management systems, document imaging systems, digital asset management systems and the like.

Wrapsody Simplifies Locating and Securing Documents
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Wrapsody Intelligent Digital Document Platform Eliminates the Problem of Locating and Security DocumentsFasoo announced the newest version of Wrapsody, our intelligent digital document platform, at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2016 in Orlando, FL.  It eliminates the problem of locating and securing documents by simplifying the collaboration process and ensuring you have the latest document at your fingertips.

Wrapsody is the only solution that combines file-centric collaboration and digital asset management without overlooking security.  The solution manages and secures the entire lifecycle of an organization’s content as it traces each piece of digital content wherever it goes.

Think of a Layered Data Security Framework
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Discover, Protect and Monitor access to your sensitive dataThe barrage of data breach news on the front page should come as little surprise to any of us. The more data stored and sent digitally, the more we expose ourselves and more breaches occur.  With all the resources and money spent on preventing a breach, we might think it is reasonable to expect that the number of reported incidents decline. But yet, on the contrary, this is not what we see.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), just this year to date, there have been 725 reported breaches. The traditional security model to guard the perimeter is not adequate. Today’s challenges require a layered Data Security Framework.  So, what should this framework contain to take the right preventative or restorative actions?

Data-Centric Security in the Boardroom
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Boardroom Data Security starts by protecting board communications and documentsWith so many high profile data breaches in the public eye recently, cyber security is now front and center in many organizations.  Globally cyber attacks and data leaks are daily threats to organizations, reminding everyone that we are all potential targets. Attorneys are warning about potential individual liability for corporate directors who do not take appropriate responsibility for oversight of cyber security while investors and regulators are pushing boards to step up their oversight.  As a result, corporate boards have woken up to the call that they must address cyber security issues on their front lines, as it is no longer just an Information Technology issue.

Fasoo Digital Intelligence 2016 Is A Big Hit
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Fasoo Digital Intelligence 2016Fasoo successfully held its biggest event of the year, Fasoo Digital Intelligence 2016, on April 7, 2016 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.  Over 500 attendees, including customers and the media, saw how Fasoo can help organizations enhance productivity and security when creating and sharing business information.  The theme of the event was Lead Digital as Fasoo showed how best to provide intelligence into an ever growing digital world.

During the day, Fasoo shared recent global security trends and provided an overview of new and updated solutions that focus on increasing and improving productivity and security.  Dr. Kyugon Cho, CEO of Fasoo, said, “When we make software that focuses on only security or productivity, neither is satisfied.  We must consider the current digital environment and security when it comes to developing software to include both productivity and security in our software at the very beginning.  This will be Fasoo’s core philosophy in doing business.”

Ron Arden Shows Rochester IIA ISACA IT Event How to Protect Sensitive Data
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Ron Arden Shows Rochester IIA ISACA IT Conference How to Protect Sensitive DataRon Arden, Vice President of Fasoo, Inc., spoke to members of the Rochester Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) at the Hilton Double Tree Hotel in Rochester, NY on December 10, 2015.  Ron delivered a presentation on “Data Protection of Sensitive Information” to this annual event and showed attendees how to use Fasoo’s enterprise digital rights management to protect sensitive information from insider threats and external attacks by hackers.

Given the constant drum beat of news on data breaches and cyber security incidents, the attendees were very interested in how to protect sensitive information in their organizations, since ensuring proper controls and managing risk are the main focus of this group.  A number of attendees came up after the presentation and asked about protecting very sensitive documents in their companies.  I spoke with a gentleman from a retail company who was concerned about protecting contract information with their suppliers and since they have such high employee turnover, was worried about people moving to competitors with sensitive information.

Fasoo Shows Rochester Security Summit How to Protect Sensitive Data
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Ron Arden delivers Closing the Threat Gap: A 21st Century Approach to Minimizing RiskRon Arden, Vice President & CMO, Fasoo, Inc. and Bill Blake, President, Fasoo,Inc., exhibited and spoke to security professionals and executives on how to protect sensitive data from insider threats and external hackers at the 2015 Rochester Security Summit at the Rochester Hyatt in Rochester, NY.

Given the constant barrage of news about data breaches and the recent hack of Rochester-based Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, the message and event were timely.

Fasoo was part of a pavilion with security partners from Brite Computers, including Check Point, 2FA, CyberArk, Bromium, Varonis, Skyhigh Networks and ForeScout.  These technologies helps companies discover, protect and manage the systems, networks and the data that is vital to their businesses.

Securely Share Financial Information
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Securely Share Financial InformationYour employees regularly share sensitive financial information internally and with vendors, partners, external agencies, contractors, advisors, and other outsourcers. Once this information leaves your control, third parties can share it with anyone, possibly compromising your and your customer’s confidentially. This also becomes a problem if a trusted insider accidentally shares sensitive information with an unauthorized person.

Financial service providers must comply with FINRA, SEC, CFPB and numerous other regulatory agency rules that require institutions to protect consumer and financial information.  How the institution protects this information is left to the institution and is not always effective.  If you lose sensitive customer information you may be subject to fines for violating regulations, not to mention losing customers because they can’t trust you to maintain their confidentiality.

Easily Collaborate Among Several Departments With Wrapsody
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Easily Collaborate Among Several Departments With WrapsodyOnce of the challenges of collaborating is that people are frequently working with outdated information.  Finding and using the latest documents is always a problem since most of us use numerous devices during the day and can’t always be sure what’s current.

Here’s an example of someone facing this challenge and how he overcame it with Wrapsody.

John works in the strategic planning group of an electronics manufacturer and got to participate in a new finance project which had been in planning for three months.  A task force was launched for the project including five employees from finance, marketing, and business strategy.  John started developing a business plan for the project.

Fasoo Content-Centric Document Management Solution Simplifies Collaboration
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Wrapsody helps seamless document collaborationFasoo launched its newest solution, Wrapsody, this week during the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from May 18 – 19, 2015.  Wrapsody allows organizations to seamlessly collaborate and share documents while minimizing the problem of version control.  This content-centric document management solution ensures that every user has the latest version of a document on every device they use.