Is your ACL safe?

The demand for safe information sharing has increased dramatically, as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications are being deployed by companies of all sizes.

ECM applications simplify the management of an organization’s unstructured information (data not in a database).  ECM applications help accelerate business performance by providing easier access to an organization’s core information assets.

The circulation of documents through ECM applications results in an increased risk of information leakage. The need to secure information sharing on the ECM systems has increased as more employees gain access to these repositories.

ECM applications provide security using an Access Control List (ACL). Organizations that rely solely on the ACL to secure files are at risk because documents checked out from the ECM system are beyond the reach of the ACL.

This may lead to a breach of confidential information, such as financial data, customer’s information, engineering drawings, human resource data, etc. Fasoo’s DRM ONE is an innovative DRM solution developed on a neutral DRM platform, which secures any document format throughout the lifecycle of the document, providing persistent protection of the valuable content stored and managed in the ECM application.


photo credit Ben Zvan




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