Is Data Encryption the Answer?

Is Data Encryption the Answer

Organizations are beginning to contemplate what the best solution is to prevent data breaches from happening to them. Recently the NCUA experienced a data breach when an examiner lost a flash drive with member’s personal information. Soon after NCUA Board Chairman, Debbie Matz contemplated a rule that would require encryption of the data.

Matz said it right though when referring that, “That’s a very fundamental thing to do, to make sure that if the data is lost or stolen that members’ confidential information is protected.”

In the era of data breaches to be honest, you don’t hear a lot of headlines of organizations even contemplating to require encryption of their data. However, it is about time and it is probably in a lot people’s minds on why other major retailers, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, etc. are not making the headlines saying the same thing. Regardless of information was hacked from the outside, or stolen from insider threats, if the data was encrypted, there is reassurance on the part of both organizations and customers that their data is protected.

Data-centric security such as digital rights management, can prevent the exposure of sensitive and confidential files. By being able to encrypt and assign specific permission to your data as soon as they are created, you can have complete control and protection regardless of location or format.

As we continue to see the headlines of data breach start again in this new year, now is the time to make the decision to protect “the bottom line”. There is no excuse now, protect the data at all costs.

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