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Intergovernmental Organization Safeguards Highly Classified Data

A global intergovernmental organization protects highly classified information as its shares documents globally



This intergovernmental organization coordinates activities between countries and assists in global action related to security, climate change, sustainable development and general humanitarian efforts. It operates in 190 countries and deals with some of the most sensitive information affecting people worldwide.


As different departments coordinate information within the organization and between its members, they share very sensitive data in Office documents and other file types. Limiting these highly classified documents to specific departments and users is critical to maintaining the organization’s integrity and in some cases protecting people’s lives. These documents can only be shared if they are encrypted and dynamic access controls are applied to ensure they can’t be accessed by unauthorized users inside or outside of the organization. It was also important to integrate with a complex and changing IT infrastructure to minimize any impact to user productivity.


The organization implemented Fasoo EDRM to encrypt, control, track and manage highly classified documents as users download them from an IBM FileNet document repository. Since the repository also stores unclassified and less sensitive data, the Fasoo solution only encrypted documents with specific security classifications. As users download a highly classified document, it is encrypted and automatically assigned permissions based on access rights inside FileNet. Document access levels in FileNet, such as Read and Author, map to Fasoo permissions so that administrators control document access from FileNet. Only users with permissions to the document in FileNet can access the file outside of the repository, including copies and other derivatives. Fasoo also integrated with the organization’s single-sign on solution and security infrastructure so user’s didn’t have to change workflows to work securely. Fasoo Enterprise DRM for Mobile (FED-M) allows authorized users to access highly classified documents on Android and iOS devices. This protects the organization’s most sensitive information regardless of location, allowing users around the world to safely share sensitive information without impact to their productivity. Security is dynamic so as user roles change, file permissions are automatically adjusted based on FileNet security.



The Fasoo security solution meets security requirements to protect highly classified documents as they are shared outside the FileNet repository. As employees, contractors and other transient personnel create, edit, print and share sensitive documents, there is minimal impact to user productivity, since users of encrypted documents continue to access them using existing Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader and other standard applications.

A complete audit trail of document activities provides insight into file usage, including unauthorized access. The Fasoo solution met requirements to always protect highly classified documents and ensure they can’t be accidentally or deliberately shared with unauthorized people.

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