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Energy Manufacturer Uses Fasoo to Protect Intellectual Property

An international manufacturer protects designs, process information, sensitive manufacturing specifications and other critical data shared internally and with suppliers

International manufacturer uses Fasoo Enterprise DRM and Fasoo Smart Screen to protect intellectual property


This leading energy manufacturer designs and builds machinery worldwide. As a global technology company, it supplies systems for the energy industry and works with thousands of suppliers to build component parts.


As the Company designs and builds machines, engineers and others share highly sensitive designs, manufacturing processes, and other critical business information internally and with suppliers. The Company needs to maintain control of this information and ensure employees, contractors and suppliers do not share it with unauthorized companies or users. If the information gets into the wrong hands, it can cost the company a lot of money and market share as competitors develop knock-offs of proprietary designs and processes.

The company wanted to protect CAD drawings in repositories and PLM systems, and Office documents stored in numerous systems from accidentally or deliberately leaving the company. Access to the information in these documents should be controlled and all possible ways of sharing, such as copying, printing, or taking a screenshot, should be blocked or limited. File access and permission controls were needed to limit what an authorized user could do when a file was open, limiting editing, printing, and taking photos of sensitive content.


The Company implemented Fasoo Enterprise DRM to encrypt CAD files and other documents with sensitive intellectual property. As users download the files from information systems, they are automatically encrypted and permissions assigned. As users open the files, the source information system grants the user file access and specific permissions (View, Edit, Print, Macro, Screen Capture) based on permissions defined in the information system. As access rights change in the systems, access and permissions dynamically change the next time a user opens the file.

Users that create and share files with suppliers can grant or remove access immediately. The document owner can add an external user to the file and grant them specific permissions with a few clicks. Security policies automatically apply to file derivatives, so if a user saves a document as a PDF or another file format, the new file inherits the security of the original file. If a supplier accidentally or deliberately shares a protected file with an unauthorized user, the user can’t read the content in the file.

Fasoo Smart Screen applies a screen watermark with user information to sensitive files to discourage theft by taking a picture of a screen. Image capture tools are blocked when using them to grab a screenshot of the content in the sensitive files. If a user without Screen Capture permission shares a file using Microsoft Teams or another collaboration tool, the content is blocked to viewers with a secure image.

Fasoo protects the company’s intellectual property regardless of location since security always travels with the file. Engineers, executives, suppliers, and others in locations around the world can safely share design files and sensitive information without impact to their productivity. Security is dynamic so as user roles change, file permissions are automatically adjusted.



The Fasoo solution meets security requirements to protect intellectual property, whether at rest, in transit, or in use.  As engineers and other users create, edit, print, and share sensitive CAD and Office documents, there is minimal impact on user productivity, since users of encrypted documents continue to access them using their existing CAD programs, Microsoft Office, image, video, and Adobe applications.  Integrating into the information systems automatically protects downloaded documents without user intervention.

A complete audit trail of document activities provides insight into file usage, including unauthorized access.  The Fasoo solution met requirements to protect intellectual property and ensure it can’t be accidentally or deliberately shared with unauthorized people.

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