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Protect Your Business: Work At Home Securely

How Secure Is Your Data In a Work At Home Environment?

Sensitive data is at more risk in work at home environments than ever before. Are your employees:

  • Printing sensitive data on home printers?
  • Capturing sensitive data on a screen during a Zoom or Skype call?
  • Sharing sensitive documents with unauthorized user?
  • Taking pictures of documents and sending them to an unauthorized user?
  • Sending sensitive information through personal email?

Would you know? How can you protect your business?

Whether your at-home employees share documents in a video conferencing application, collaborate on a project or print the latest document to review, Fasoo solutions protect data in any environment.

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Securely Collaborate with Third-Parties

  • Collaborate on projects through workgroups with predefined security permissions
  • Access the latest version of a document in a browser or wherever you store it
  • See a full audit trail of document activity

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Protect Documents Printed at home

  • Add dynamic watermarks to any printout showing who printed and when
  • Block printing or mask sensitive data
  • Monitor all printing activities, including the text or images of what’s printed

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Protect Documents on Screens

  • Apply screen watermarks to applications and URLs
  • Block screen capture attempts of sensitive data
  • Monitor all screen capture attempts, including images of what was captured

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