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Fasoo Enterprise DRM
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Two major factors drive the powerful market resurgence of Enterprise Digital Rights Management (Enterprise DRM) we are witnessing today. First, data loss prevention (DLP) solutions have failed to stem the tide of insider threats and external breaches. And second, modern digital architectures eliminate the historic workflow frictions often inherent in traditional Enterprise DRM solutions.

Fasoo’s advanced Enterprise DRM solution architecture enables the modern enterprise to implement centralized security and compliance policies for their sensitive data consistently and transparently across all networks, file-shares, devices, endpoints, and cloud services. Industry analysts and organizations alike recognize Fasoo’s solution as the most robust approach to protecting access to sensitive content available in the market today. Its core strengths have been accentuated by the risks associated with the recent shift to remote work.

  • Leading analysts point out that even extensive DLP coverage leaves “gaps in data flows where data can leak” and emphasize.
  • Encryption is entering a “Golden Age”. Due to the growing concerns of data theft security professionals are increasingly using all forms of encryption.
  • “Identity” is the new perimeter in a world of distributed Software as a Service (SaaS) and other cloud-based services.

This white paper examines the challenges of document protection at scale in the era of remote access. It explains how automated individual access control, encryption, and rights management are combined to enhance security, governance, compliance, and productivity within the enterprise. Find out on the following pages why Fasoo Enterprise DRM is the first choice of leading organizations looking to protect the entire document lifecycle of sensitive business information.

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