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[Blog] How to Protect Against IP Theft

Fasoo protects your IP from insider threats and supply chain vulnerabilities by encrypting files and controlling access everywhere

Nation-state attacks against Western startups are soaring warn cyber and intelligence agencies from the Five Eyes Intelligence Oversight and Review Council (FIORC).  Authorities said attackers target organizations developing artificial intelligence, quantum science, and synthetic biology.  The stolen data is used to fast-track technological and military capabilities within adversary nations, alliance members said.

While cutting-edge technology is clearly at risk, IP theft is an issue for all companies.  IP theft is surging as nation-states, hackers and companies try to get a competitive edge.  Loss or theft of IP can lead to serious financial damage for a company and can set back a country’s technological advantage by decades.

Attackers target three areas of vulnerability:

  1. Insiders who have access to sensitive data
  2. Supply chain partners
  3. Unpatched and vulnerable systems


Fasoo can protect your IP through file encryption, dynamic access control, and intelligent monitoring to mitigate the risks of theft or loss.

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