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[TechSpective] The Role of Enhanced Visibility for Data Privacy and Security

November 7, 2023

Data is everywhere and growing rapidly. According to some estimates, people and systems create millions of terabytes of data every day, with unstructured data accounting for an estimated 80% of a company’s information. Data in the cloud is growing the most because there is practically no physical limit on storage compared to on-premise data centers. Data tends to be inadequately managed and challenging to monitor and control. Users often transfer sensitive files to cloud services, email them, and save them on their laptops and mobile devices. When sharing with internal and external users, files move through collaboration applications, resulting in the distribution of more information across various platforms and geographies.

How can you safeguard sensitive data when much of it may be hidden from view?

Ron Arden addresses these challenges and more in a recent TechSpective article.

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