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[Event] Detroit CISO Executive Summit Q4

Driven by an agenda created “by CISOs, for CISOs,” this invitation-only gathering has been designed to minimize time commitments while maximizing the depth of a true peer-to-peer engagement in an intimate setting. Based on the insights from the very individuals who are creating new risk, talent, and information security practices, establishing new investing benchmarks, and deploying strategies to drive growth, the conference features content from practicing CISOs and current industry thought leaders.

Fasoo hosted an Executive Boardroom on November 12, 2019 from 10:20 AM to 11:10 AM titled: Data Governance and Unstructured Data Security and Privacy.

Organizations are challenged with how to implement data governance security and privacy requirements across their growing inventory of unprotected unstructured data. Unstructured data in the form of sensitive documents including intellectual property and PII is the “wild west” of data security and privacy as it travels freely internal and external to the organization. In this boardroom, the discussion was initiated by first understanding the gravity of the risk unstructured data brings to the organization leading to answering most pressing questions, such as:

  • How to gain visibility into high risk areas?
  • What controls and policies should be in place to protect unstructured information assets while maintaining compliance?
  • What emerging methods, strategies and best practices for unstructured data security and privacy exist?

Fasoo’s own, Deborah Kish, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Research moderated this session and it was well understood that there is a need for stronger data security and privacy measures with respect to unstructured data.

Overall key themes included:

  • Centralization
  • Automation
  • Operationalizing

All of which Fasoo can provide across its products that span the life-cycle of sensitive unstructured data to discover, classify, protect, monitor, control, track and expire access to content wherever it travels or resides. Our unified solution enables users to securely collaborate internally and externally with sensitive information while consistently meeting corporate governance and regulatory requirements. Our file centric approach using encryption with a unique identifier allows organizations to have more visibility and control over unstructured data without interrupting workflows.

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