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Unleash the value of big data without compromising security and privacy:

AnalyticDID uses data anonymization and pseudonymization techniques to transform personally identifiable information (PII) into data that cannot be used to identify an individual. It focuses on business utility of the data while ensuring privacy. This allows you to effectively analyze large amounts of data without violating privacy regulations.

As organizations gather and compile large amounts of business data to understand trends, gain insights into customer preferences and develop new innovations, they invariably capture a lot of PII. Regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR, require that data be de-identified or made anonymous for secondary use or analysis. Under the HIPAA regulatory framework, covered entities shall de-identify protected health information (PHI) before using it for any secondary purposes, such as comparative effectiveness studies, policy assessment, and life sciences research.

The challenge is that many de-identification tools focus on eliminating personal identifiers, but make it difficult to use the data.

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