The Looming Concern Over BYOD Security

The Looming Concern Over BYOD BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming an increasingly popular method for employees to get their work done in a fast-driven society as ours. It’s completely understandable – the convenience of using your mobile device almost anywhere and not being stuck in the office after normal work hours in order to get necessary work done sounds awesome, right? And plus, you can be even more productive, since you can access necessary work files whenever wherever you want with a swipe of your finger – how easy is that?

The conveniences of BYOD are clear, but the concerns about BYOD can’t be heedlessly disregarded. One big concern about BYOD is the continuing access to sensitive work files that ex-employees can have, which can bring harmful costs to the company as a whole. If an employee were to be fired and he/she still had access to company files, what would be there to stop him/her from taking those documents to a competing company and selling company secrets?

That’s why BYOD security is essential. Files, themselves, have to be protected from unauthorized access especially with a growing BYOD culture. Since files are becoming more mobile, protection for files has to be more  than ever so that you don’t have to waste time worrying about whether there are questionable ex-employees to watch out for or current employees that don’t need access to certain files but do.

The BYOD culture is only going to get stronger. It’s always better to start early to ensure the security and mobile security of your company’s files.

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