My Eight Favorite Reasons to Use SaaS

In honor of the last night of Hanukkah, I want to give thanks for the miracle of SaaS.  Here are my eight (8) favorite reasons to use SaaS.

1.  Access anywhere – use my application from anywhere through a browser

2.  Access from any device – use on any device (with a browser, iPhone or Android app)

3.  Great mashups – combine with other services on the web to create new applications

4.  Collaboration – exchange information with anyone since everything is on the Internet


5.  Add users quickly – pay for a single user, send them an email to register and get them up and running fast

6.  Continuous improvement – since SaaS is multi-tenant, get the benefit immediately of new updates or fixes

7.  Lower costs – lower operating & maintenance costs, since I don’t have to buy or maintain hardware or software

8.  Lower risk – start with a few users for minimal cost (or start with a free trial) to see if the application works for me

For all those who celebrate the festival of lights, have a Happy Hanukkah and enjoy the miracle ofSaaS.

Photo credit marliesc


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