It’s Time to Talk to Your Company Executives about Data Security

It's Time To Talk to Your Company Executives about Data Security

In a recent article, 31 percent of IT security teams have never spoken to their company executives about cyber security. From those who did only 23 percent have talked to them only once per year according to a new Ponemon Institute Report. No wonder there is still a widespread lack of understanding about the security you need to protect your intellectual property from threats both inside and outside of your company.

With all the major data breaches from Target, PF Chang’s, Michaels, and most recently Goodwill to name a few, it is hard to believe that this is still the case. It is now more important than ever to speak to your executives about such areas as insider threats, data security, email security, mobile security, etc.

It is apparent that even if these discussions are not happening at the executive level, they are certainly happening within IT departments.  Most of the non-communication between IT and the executive level could symbolize that there is nothing to worry about.  However, in reality, organizations need better security along with additional funding to support it.

It is important for IT departments to inform executives that files containing the company’s confidential information need to be secured no matter where they are; both within and outside of the company.  It’s also critical to protect the same information in the cloud and on your mobile devices.

How can your company be protected in all these areas?  See how Fasoo solutions can protect you, and also help you have that discussion with your company’s executives about the need for data security.  It’s not worth becoming another headline as a victim of a major data breach.


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