Fasoo and Neocol Show Data-Centric Security at IBM Big Data Integration & Governance Forum

Bill Blake and Justin Kline show Fasoo data-centric securityBill Blake, President of Fasoo USA, and Justin Kline, Director of Solution Sales and Marketing for Neocol, presented on July 29, 2014 at the IBM Big Data Integration & Governance Forum 2014 in Atlanta, GA.  This conference focused on how organizations can make better use of data in understanding their businesses.  Major challenges for IT and business leaders are how to unlock insights from big data, data governance and integration processes while worrying about the security of that data.

Bill and Justin met with a good cross section of business and technology leaders who were interested in harnessing new data sources to expand their businesses.  One attendee was interested in meeting compliance requirements by ensuring that only authorized uses have access to sensitive data.  They discussed how Fasoo technology can help them reduce the risk posed by these challenges.

One of the sessions, entitled “Don’t Become the Next Headline: 5 Steps to Better Data Protection”, discussed the constant threat of data security breaches as evidenced by record events in 2013 and 2014.  While organizations are using new data sources and technologies for fresh insights, threats from both inside and outside the firewall are relentless in their pursuit to steal this valuable data.  A recent report by Quocirca on how to combat insider threats is more evidence of the challenges that organizations face.  The latest innovations in data-centric security methodologies and technology are keeping organizations steps ahead of the bad guys.

Fasoo shows IBM FileNet data-centric securityOne statistic from a Symantec report on “Behavioral Risk Indicators of Malicious Insider Theft of Intellectual Property: Misreading the Writing on the Wall” states that about 65 percent of employees who commit insider IP theft had already accepted positions with a competing company or started their own company at the time of the theft.  This points to understanding how information is used within business and who has access to it.

Bill and Justin talked about how Fasoo data-centric technology can reduce the risk of insider threats by encrypting and applying a security policy to files as they are downloaded from IBM FileNet and other content management systems.  Providing this control regardless of file location is the best way to eliminate these threats.

A number of executives attending the event said they were aware of someone in their industry that experienced a data breach.  While most companies think they are protected against external threats, many are not aware of the risks posed by malicious or accidental behavior by employees, contractors and other trusted insiders.

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