Insider Theft Keeps on Happening

Insider Theft Keeps on Happening

Are you surprised that another insider theft of patient data happened again? It is not a secret that insider threats have been a major issue in businesses and organizations since they have been making headlines. However, we would have thought that action has been taken to prevent this from happening.

Recently a Virginia’s Riverside Health System admitted that a former cancer clinic employee maliciously accessed patients’ credit card information and Social Security numbers of possibly more than 2,000 people. The former employee was working for one of Riverside-owned Cancer Specialists of Tidewater for almost two years, and was a previous felon for credit card fraud.

Many would believe that if a background check was done, then there wouldn’t have been a data breach, however, it goes back to the issue that it is not about the people, but it is about the data. Protecting the data is ultimately the most important matter to preventing data breaches.

A recent report based on insider threat being solved by DRM (Digital Rights Management), focuses on the challenges faced by organizations in protecting against data breaches particularly by insider threats. It analyzes various security solutions organizations already have in place to protect against data breaches, but suggests that while these solutions were effective against previous forms of threats, they aren’t fully effective when it comes to addressing the insider threat. DRM is highlighted as one of the best security solutions out there that provide the comprehensive protection required against insider threats.

It’s time to see new headlines saying, “Data Breach Prevented with DRM” instead of the common headlines of data breaches. It’s not about being notified either that your information has been leaked, it’s about being notified that your information is secure because the data where your personal information is being kept is protect with DRM.

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