Fasoo Showcased Next-Generation Data Security Platform at Black Hat MEA 2023

Fasoo shows Black Hat MEA attendees how to comply with NDMO and NCABusinesses are struggling to protect and manage intellectual property (IP) and sensitive data subject to privacy requirements, as users share documents internally and with third parties.  A focus at this year’s Black Hat MEA in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA) was on complying with data protection regulations, like the National Data Management Office (NDMO) and National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) standards.  Organizations working with the government must comply with these standards and in general need to comply to improve their cybersecurity posture.

Fasoo showcased its unified Data Security Platform that enhances data security and helps meet privacy regulations, by protecting unstructured data at the file level.  The zero-trust data security platform can automatically discover, classify, and encrypt sensitive files when created or modified, and apply persistent security controls to ensure only authorized users can access them.  Visitors to the booth were also asking about data security posture management (DSPM) as more try to meet these requirements.  Fasoo helps organizations enable DSPM to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, implement proper security controls, and maintain data visibility throughout its entire lifecycle. 

Colter Carambio, Chief Revenue Officer at Fasoo, Inc., had sessions during the event that highlighted how Fasoo can help organizations comply with security regulations using Enterprise DRM protection, screen watermarking, and print security.  In addition to encrypting files and requiring authentication and authorization each time a user opens a file, Fasoo adds print and screen watermarks to sensitive files, applications, and websites which provides additional security to minimize data leaks and privacy violations.


Fasoo Approach Minimizes Your Risk

During the course of the event, a lot of attendees and analysts came to the Fasoo booth to understand how Fasoo can meet security and privacy regulations and protect sensitive data from both internal and external threats. 

One IT manager wanted an easy way to protect IP from going out the door when employees left the company and also needed to share sensitive information securely with customers.  He liked how the Fasoo Data Security Platform could help with both in one solution.

A lot of people talked about the challenges of combining different technologies to address data security in the office, working at home, and sharing with partners and customers.  Companies are looking to consolidate capabilities with fewer tools and focus on more of a platform approach to address their needs.  Others were focused on general data security and privacy and wanted to be sure users couldn’t circumvent security controls.  A constant problem is setting different policies in many tools that still focus more on protecting the location of data rather than the data itself. 

Fasoo partner Cyberknight shows attendee Fasoo solutions

One executive from a manufacturing company talked about how difficult it is to manage all the systems to protect identity and data in so many places.  She has one set of rules for her DLP system that alerts when sensitive documents are shared outside the company.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t protect the sensitive data, since it’s already left.

One public sector executive was very interested in preventing users from taking screenshots with their PC or phone and sending that data to unauthorized users.  This can violate both privacy rules and subject a company to a loss of IP.   

A number of visitors commented that Fasoo technology is very robust, balances security with usability, and integrates with an organization’s existing infrastructure.  A common strategy is to make the technology almost invisible to users unless they try to violate a security policy.  I remember one person saying, “I was a little skeptical during your presentation, but convinced once I saw it in action.” 

Below are more details about the solutions shown during the show.

Learn more about Fasoo Enterprise DRM (EDRM)Fasoo Smart Screen (Screen Security), and Fasoo Smart Print (Print Security) below.

Fasoo Enterprise DRM (FED)

FED protects, controls, and tracks sensitive documents at rest, in transit, and in use persistently on any device at any time throughout the entire document lifecycle.  By encrypting files and adding dynamic granular controls, organizations can limit editing, printing, and sharing sensitive content with unauthorized users inside and outside their organization.  This helps you manage insider threats, prevent data breaches, and enforce the highest level of protection for unstructured data.

Fasoo Smart Screen (FSS)

FSS blocks efforts to capture content on the screen using screen capture programs, digital cameras, and smartphones by showing a dynamic watermark on the screen.  The watermark provides user-specific information, such as user name, IP address, date, and time.   Administrators can block attempts to capture content in specific applications or websites.  This protects sensitive information while on screen and decreases the likelihood of a major data breach from sharing this information with unauthorized users.

Fasoo Smart Print (FSP)

FSP applies dynamic, visible watermarks to printed documents to trace potential leaks to the source.  Information can include user name, IP address, time, and company information.  Extensive logging of content provides an audit trail for organizations that need to prove a chain of custody to show the content of what a user printed.  Context-aware controls can block printing if it detects sensitive information in a document or masks sensitive content if you choose to print. 


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