Fasoo Announces Fasoo Enterprise DRM 5.0

Fasoo Announces Fasoo Enterprise DRM 5.0The newest version of Fasoo Enterprise DRM builds on the Fasoo Data Security Framework, a three-tiered suite of solutions that helps customers discover, classify and protect sensitive data as it is created and distributed.  Fasoo Enterprise DRM 5.0 expands its data security capabilities to help organizations mitigate the risk of data breaches caused by insider threats, hackers and other cyber attacks.

Some of it’s newest features simplify management, improve usability and enhance an organization’s ability to provide security policy exceptions to users as business requirements change.

Enriched risk management model

  • Uses advanced policy assessment techniques for quick and easy validation of security policies
  • Comprehensive usage and policy statistics to quickly adjust policies
  • A proactive policy change interface that allows administrators to change security policies quickly and easily

Flexible exception policy management

  • Flexible exception policy settings can now be applied to different users, groups or roles
  • Granular exception policy templates and a built-in approval workflow simplifies exception policy requests to reduce change management issues

Improved external sharing

  • Flexible sharing policies include restricting external collaboration permissions
  • Allowing document owners to easily change restricted number of views, device counts or validity periods with template based enforcement
  • Minimized help desk issues with the addition of a sleep mode that wakes only when the protected document is in use

Improved usability

  • Expanded security policies include encryption by file extension, application and scheduled batch
  • Extended platform support including Mac, desktop virtualization and application virtualization on Windows, iOS and Android
  • More out-of-the-box pre-integrated modules that automatically encrypt/decrypt sensitive files
  • Improved client ADK allowing third party application vendors to more easily develop and customize Fasoo compatible user applications


According to the Ponemon Research report, Risky Business: How Company Insiders Put High Value Information at Risk, a company’s most valued employees still unintentionally put important and sensitive corporate information at risk. Validating this, the annual Insider Threat Report, highlights the fact that inadvertent data breaches (71 percent) top the list of insider threats companies care most about. These data points substantiate the need for organizations to protect information at the file level with a solution that makes it easy to collaborate without ever putting confidential data at risk.

The Fasoo Data Security Framework, which includes Fasoo Enterprise DRM, plays a pivotal role to enforce security policy on data among three layers of data protection.  Fasoo eData Manager discovers and classifies the data, and reapplies policy to data unprotected by policy exceptions and exclusions.  Fasoo RiskView helps manage risks holistically by collecting and analyzing data usage to help pinpoint and mitigate security risks.  This multi-layered approach enhances and completes an organization’s security framework.

The latest version of Fasoo Enterprise DRM expands on the 16 years that Fasoo has successfully helped customers provide comprehensive security to their most sensitive information.

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