Don’t Click It to Prevent Computer Viruses

pleasedontclickComputer viruses, worms, trojans and malware are with us all the time.  The vast majority of these come in through email or infected documents.  A lot of malware comes in through spam.  The spam email has a link to a website that infects your computer.  Sometimes it tries to install a payload that wreaks havoc on your system or more commonly it tries to get you to enter a credit card number to steal money.

Just today, I was looking at a webpage, clicked on a picture and was taken to a malicious website.  The URL is, but I’m sure this is not a static address.  The page immediately started a fake anti-virus scan and started downloading a package – which opened Mac Protector.  It also could be called MAC Defender or Mac Security.  This was on my MacBook Pro.  Yes Virginia, this happens on Macs and PCs.  This is a known Mac malware ruse that tries to install a program and then asks you to pay for it with a credit card.  It’s just the latest in a series of these fake anti-virus scams.

Whether on a PC, Mac or Linux, the same rules apply.  If you are not sure what something is, don’t click it.  Below is a great video from Symantec showing just that.  Enjoy and follow its advice.




Photo credit ade_iboz

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